David Daniels


He was born on Long Plain Reserve and received education at residential school, public schools and graduated from private school before entering University of Manitoba and Brandon University. He attended a minor seminary to be priest and has read the bible cover to cover ten different versions, now reading the Koran.

David has a varied career working at several government and private companies. Some of the highlights are: establishing national standards for training people to qualify for additional employment, education, or life skills; established successful residential treatment center for boys; established the first national and provincial Child Welfare agency in Canada fully funded by both federal and provincial governments; developed and help create Yellowquill College that graduates 100-250 students annually; assisted with Kapyong barracks development and assisted with the Assiniboine Zoo redesign program.

He initiated, researched, participated or conclude over $1M worth of land claims in several provinces.

He has been a guest lecture at universities. He is a traditional knowledge holder and ritual leader in ceremonies. A story teller, star gazer and comedian. He teach others about traditional use of plants, healing practices and cultural relevance of our sacred laws and has travel from east to west coasts, northern Canada to southern USA, helping others.