Do you have ideas worth spreading?

If the answer is yes, or you know someone who has, we would like to hear from you. Where to start? It’s simple. Just fill out the nomination form.   

We will review the submissions and be in touch to sign people up as speakers. Unfortunately, spaces are limited at each event. However, if your proposal meets TEDx requirements, we will schedule a conversation with one of our designated curators. Upon approval, we will select you as a speaker for a talk at an event with a matched theme. 

Kindly note that there might be a delay in contacting you after your proposal submission. The delay may last several weeks or more, especially during peak periods.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Of course, we care about only the ideas worth spreading, which includes you.

There is no deadline; you can submit proposals at any time of year. We review the submissions from time to time to excavate innovative ideas. If a proposal is deemed exciting, we select it for a particular event theme that it matches, not for a given timeline.

TEDxMorden does not pay speakers. In compliance with TEDx policy, and TED, in situations where a speaker must travel from outside of Morden, we may reimburse for flights, hotels, and meals.

We welcome all types of talk. Commercial talks, such as services, products, or personal counselling, are not generally considered. Any talks on a single religious faith, socially divisive matters or political agendas are the kinds of talks we avoid.

We encourage TEDx talks backed by evidence, and such evidence should be accessible. That means no New Age frameworks, conspiracy theories, personal visions, or any other kinds of ideas that cannot be put to the test are acceptable for TEDx talks.

We only welcome concepts that might be proven someday, and at the same time, we remain firm in not promoting them from our stage.   

There may be talks on personal experience or philosophy on rare occasions. We understand those profound experiences impact you, and people can relate. As far as we know, there are other platforms to share those types of talks.   

Here are some examples of ideas we do not accept as TEDx talks:


  • How to overcome fears and attain your dreams.   
  • Discover your passion through your creativity.   
  • I had an experience that taught me to face fear.   
  • How I learned to speak the truth and remain authentic.    
  • Simple steps to finding happiness following the LUV method: Light, Universe, Vulnerability.   
  • I travelled to a distant place, which changed my perspective on travelling, although I am not a regular traveller.